Two Plants Woodworking was started in January 2017 by Hannah and Justin Plant. 


After spending years admiring other's beautiful, handcrafted wood works in their homes, Hannah and Justin wanted to seek a way to make gorgeous wooden pieces a statement in homes of all sizes and for families of all kinds. TPW is committed to sustainable practices, salvaging and reclaiming almost all of our wood from local farmers, elderly homeowners, and other community members. 

We're inspired by the soft curves, swirls + bumps in nature, lending our work handily to a live-edge, rustic aesthetic. By bringing the outdoors inside, TPW hopes that the homes where our pieces live will become that much brighter, joyful, and utilitarian.


Justin Plant

Lead Woodworker, Artistic Director, Husband, Goof, Meticulous Planner, Rock Climbing Master

Hannah Thomas Plant

Customer Service, Shipping, Social Media/Outreach, Wife, Jokester, Nature Nerd, Naturally Uncaffienated, Dancer


Watson Plant

Dog, Independent Lady, Incessant Cuddler, Ball-Obsessed, Head of Snacks Department